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  • Articles for sale

    The following list of materials is for sale

    40 pieces of 4x8x1/2” Aqua board, $5.00 sheet
    32 pieces of 4x12x5/8” Fire stop, $6.00 sheet
    18 pieces of 4x12x1/2” Ultra Lite, $5.00 sheet
    320 pieces 4x8x1/2 Ultra Lite, $4.00 sheet
    50 pieces of 4x8x1/2 Square Edge, $3.00 sheet
    80 pieces of 4x8x1/4” Flex Board, $2.00 sheet

    Steel Siding, some pieces have a small ding on the one corner

    Lot 1 Painted Stone Grey asking $4,000.00
    56 pieces @ 209”
    15 pieces @ 48”
    23 pieces @ 121”
    24 pieces @ 149”
    32 pieces @ 185”

    All material is sold as is. First come first serve. If you are interested in anything, please let Bill Horrigan know. We would like to have all this material gone by Friday May 10, 2019.

  • Fuel Awards

    Catching up on the monthly fuel awards from the start of the year

    Winners for best MPG
    Andrew Worth
    Kimroy Nelson
    Rainer Fleck

    Winner for best idle time
    Mike Furzer
    Doug Young
    Matt Smolka

    Winners for best MPG
    Bruce Rawcliffe
    Gary Maher
    Will Lapp

    Winners for best idle time
    Dean Carpenter
    Alain Dechamps
    Henry Berkhof

    Winners for best MPG
    Joe Pierre
    Kimroy Nelson
    Brad Janeway

    Winners for best idle time
    Rene Guillemette
    Robert Borman

    Winners for best MPG
    Matt Gagnon
    Steven Blakely
    Sukhdeep Khara

    Winners for best idle time
    Scott Stokes
    Robert Lambert
    Darryl Williamson