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  • Organizational Announcements – Brad Williamson, Brad Glassford, Grayson Maillet, Jeff Barquest

    As you know we have had some movement in positions as of late. Let me first start by congratulating both Brad Glassford and Brad Williamson for their promotion to General Manager. Both promotions are well deserved and I apologize for not getting an announcement out sooner.

    Brad Williamson, as you know, has moved on to the Laidlaw Van division as their General Manager. I am very proud of the work that Brad did with us here at CFG. He always had a driver first mentality, is well liked and respected by staff and we will miss his energy and enthusiasm here with us at CFG. The good news is he has only moved across the hall so he will still be very much present in Guelph. Hard to say goodbye to him but immensely proud of his hard work and achievement to advance his career with us at Contrans. We will continue to support Brad and the van group as they build a stronger organization.

    Brad Glassford has moved to the position of General Manager for the Contrans Flatbed Group. Brad has worked for CFG for several years and this organization is stronger due to his hard work, dedication, knowledge of our business and his desire to continue to make things better for drivers. Brad is not afraid to hold all stakeholders accountable, whether it be our customers, drivers & owner operators and staff. I personally would not be able to do what I do without Brad and I am looking forward to continuing to work with Brad as he continues to move this organization forward. As we continue to work alongside Tibbs, this organization will report directly into Brad as well. Congrats Brad, very proud of you!

    Grayson Maillet has been splitting his time between Laidlaw Van and CFG past for the past year or so. Grayson will transition back full time into the CFG group and will be tasked with taking our Solutions group to the next level. As we enter 2019 Grayson will be given the responsibility to continue to develop our “asset light” revenue model and other business development opportunities. Moving into 2019, Grayson will be developing our furtherance model which will allow us to provide drivers with a more consistent schedule and home time, development of a potential US fleet and warehousing. Grayson has a large task ahead of him but he has a proven track record of taking the idea of a business and developing it as he has done with our Solutions Group. Grayson has an excellent knowledge of our business and the industry and is able to capture opportunities that would have been gone unnoticed in the past. Grayson will report directly to myself in this role but will work in partnership with Brad Glassford as we develop this business model. I look forward to seeing what Grayson and the operations group can do moving forward. Congrats Grayson and we look forward to having you back full time!

    Jeff Barquest will take on the position of Divisional Manager for our Domestic and Multi axle divisions. Larry Mercier and Paul Clarke will report directly into Jeff. Jeff has done an excellent job managing our US and Local Steel Divisions. He has improved the performance of this part of organization by building quality freight lanes and managing costs. Jeff has an innate ability to put together freight lanes that are profitable for the company driver and owner operator and we look forward to him getting involved with our domestic and multi business to continue to provide guidance on building better quality freight lanes and offerings for our driving population. Jeff also understands that there are simple cost savings through fuel, routing, tolls etc. that have provided additional savings to our drivers. Jeff will continue to oversee the US/local business and provide guidance to this division. Brad Glassford will spend more of his time on this side of the business as well as we continue to build on the success of this division. Jeff will report directly to Brad Glassford. Congrats Jeff!

    Kara Kett and Amy Barber will continue to report directly to me.

  • Organizational Announcement – Brent McGraw, Mike White

    I am pleased to announce that Brent McGraw has accepted the position of Shunt Supervisor at our Oakville CertainTeed facility. Brent will report directly to Jeff Smith, Shunt Manager. Brent has several years of experience in our domestic division as both a driver and a planner and we look forward to Brent providing his leadership to the Oakville crew and offering his experience and perspective to improving service levels with our customers, internally with operations, improving our driver experience as well as supporting our crew in Oakville.

    I am also pleased to announce the Mike White has accepted the position of Planner in our Domestic Division. Mike will report directly to Larry Mercier, Operations Manager. Mike has worked in our Solutions group and has significant experience in customer service, providing solutions for our customers and building our partner carriers. We look forward to Mike bringing a fresh perspective to our Domestic division ensuring both our drivers and our customers are provided with top notch customer service and freight opportunities.

    Please join me in congratulating Brent and Mike in their new roles.

  • Fuel Awards

    This week's fuel awards were for best idle time. Our winners are:
    Mark Soos
    Alain Deschamps
    Henry Berkhof

  • Milestones

    Wendy Hannigan - 10 years in the Hagersville office

    Chandanbir Kahlon - 10 years on the Domestic board

    Harvinder Pandher - 10 years on the Domestic board

  • Fuel Awards

    Fuel award winners with best idle time for the week of July 9 - 13:
    Doug Pettitt
    Dan Brown
    Peter Nelson

    Fuel award winners with best MPG for the week of July 16 - 20:
    Andrew Worth
    Bill Lisk
    Bruce Paul

  • Milestones

    Congratulations to Dave Goodine for 30 years of service!

  • Weekly Fuel Awards

    This week's fuel awards were for best MPG. Our winners are:
    Bujar Osmani
    Blair Williamson
    Anthony DiCredico

  • Rob Farrow

    Big congratulations to Rob Farrow on his retirement! We would all like to thank you for a wonderful 8.5 years of service.

  • Congratulations

    Big congrats to Andrew Sutor and family on the arrival of their little girl.
    Rebecca Breanne Sutor
    July 3, 2018 - 8:23am
    5lbs 13oz