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    We are happy to announce that we will have three business students starting with us on April 30th, 2018. We have partnered with Brock/McMaster University in order to expose business students to the transportation industry, as well, we will be using these students to complete projects or fill temporary positions due to growth/openings etc. This allows the students to be exposed to various opportunities and help them gain some clarity/experience for their career goals and allows us to have a fresh perspective on our industry and help us with various projects, tasks that need to be completed.

    Katrina Karges is a business student (Marketing) at Brock University. Katrina will be here for a coop term starting April 30th and ending August 31st, 2018. Her main role will be Recruitment and Marketing. She will have the responsibility to transfer all of our current branding to the Contrans/TransForce branding. She will also revamp our social media campaigns and marketing outreach for drivers and mechanics. And finally she will be putting together a comprehensive, strategic recruitment plan with various colleges/universities to further develop our outreach to students interested in becoming a mechanic or driver as well as partnering with business schools to continue our business student internships.

    Lois Chu is a business student (Commerce) at McMaster University. Lois will be here on an internship starting April 30th and ending August 31st, 2019. Lois will be working with Lynda Sagl in our Solutions Group providing assistance with customer service and account management. Due to the length of Lois’ internship she will also work with Grayson developing his 2019 strategic plan for the Solutions Group and working with him throughout 2019 to implement and execute on that plan. She may also assist the US Group in their 2019 operating plan but this will be dependent on how much time she has after working with Lynda and Grayson.

    Blake Fisher is a business student (Commerce) at McMaster University. Blake will also be here on a 16 month internship along with Lois. Blake will be working with Megan Salmon training in our Business Analyst role and will assume that position as Megan transfers to have maternity leave in September 2018. Blake will be responsible for maintaining our operating plans, weekly revenue reporting, and working with the divisions for any project/analysis that is required. Blake will also be a part of our team preparing the 2019 budget and operational plans. Blake will also be spending a considerable amount of time with our shops, Domestic and Multi divisions assisting them with preparing their 2019 budget and operating plans as well.

    All three of these students will have a one week orientation before they start in their roles. They will learn about the various divisions we have in CFG, tour facilities and core customers and spend a day in a truck experiencing life as a truck driver.

    Please join me in welcoming Katrina, Lois and Blake to the CFG team. I know all of you will be available to assist them in their transition in any way you can.

  • Weekly Fuel Awards

    This weeks awards are for best idle times.
    Our winners are:
    Peter Wybenga
    Doug Young
    Richard Sobschak

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    The referral jackpot is currently sitting at $5500!!
    We will be doing the draw on April 2nd so you've got two weeks left to get those referrals in so the pot can continue to grow!

  • Weekly Fuel Awards

    This weeks fuel awards were for the best MPG. Our winners are:
    Oscar Power
    Ken Bemrose
    Brue Rawcliffe