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  • Mississauga Facility

    I am happy to announce that our request to complete some renovations on our Mississauga facility has been approved. We will be moving ahead with our plans to upgrade our maintenance facility and this will become a Contrans Flatbed Group shop. We will also be providing improved washroom and lunch room facilities for the mechanics. As well, our other goal was to provide much needed facilities for our drivers. We will be making improvements to the upstairs of the building to accommodate 24 hour facilities including showers, washrooms and a drivers room. We are hoping to have this work completed late Fall however, once I have I better idea of the timelines I will let everyone know.

    This is great news for our driving population as this will be another terminal to support them while they are out on the road as well as another maintenance facility to be able to access.

  • Organizational Announcement

    We are happy to announce the following changes in our organization.

    As most of you already know, Grayson Maillet has been asked to take on an exciting opportunity with the Van division helping them to start up a Solutions Group business within their organization. Grayson and his team have done a great job of successfully growing this business and it is an integral part of the success of Contrans Flatbed Group. Grayson will split his time between the Van and Flatbed division. We are fortunate to have Mitch, Andrew and Mike continue to look after this business as Grayson is off assisting another division. This is a fantastic opportunity for Grayson and we are very proud that he was selected to take on this role with Van. The Solutions Group in Hagersville will continue to report into Grayson.

    We feel that the Solutions Group is one of our biggest growth opportunities within Contrans Flatbed Group. For this reason we will be changing the structure of the Solutions Group in order to set it up for the next stage of growth.

    The Solutions Group offers an Account Management service to our customers as well as a Business Development service. Effective immediately, the following changes will take place.

    Lynda Sagl will be moving to the Hagersville office on a more permanent basis. She will take on the leadership of the Account Management division. Reporting to Lynda will be Mike White and Andrew Sutor. This division will continue to be responsible to handle our core customers accounts eg. Panolam, GP, Dofasco etc. Lynda, Mike and Andrew will also continue to be involved on the Business Development side as well but their primary focus will be on the management of our core customers. Lynda has been very successful managing large accounts and we are looking forward to her continuing to build and strengthen this part of our business. This will allow us the ability to continue to grow and take on large customer accounts that support our asset and brokerage businesses. Lynda, Mike and Andrew are all excellent at managing large accounts so we are confident that this side of the business will continue to grow.

    Paul Riley will be moving to the Solutions Group and will take on the leadership of the Business Development division. Paul will work closely with Grayson to learn this side of the business. With Lynda looking after the Account Management side this will allow Grayson to provide Paul with the support and guidance he needs to transition to this new role. We always say the success of the Solutions Group in part is due to the fact that Mitch, Grayson and Andrew have all worked in various parts of the business so they are familiar with the challenges of the assets business and understand how they can support them. Paul has experience with the tandem, heavy and local market so this will serve him well in this new role. He also has previous sales experience which is essential in this role. Paul will also take on the responsibility to continue to support both Tri-Line and our Maritimes division working with Jeff Borgel. Reporting to Paul will be Mitch Wagstaffe. Paul will also continue to rely on Mitch as he is our walking trucking wikipeidia! We look forward to Mitch teaching this young dog his tricks.

    Effective August 16th Michelle Baker has accepted the role of dispatcher in our US Division to replace Paul Riley. As you know Michelle has been a valued company driver on our local steel division and also acts as a driver coach for our new mentors. We are excited to be able to bring in Michelle’s driving and safety experience into the dispatch room. This will allow us to have another person in the room that understands what it is like on the road and be able to assist the drivers. We will also rely on Michelle to help us continue to bring mentors into the steel division and be able to provide us with much needed insight on how to structure these programs.

    We are super excited about all of these changes and we are very proud that we have such incredible staff that we can continue to provide staff with opportunities and challenges as well to quickly change up our business in order to support continued growth in our business.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give me a call.

    Kristen Fess

  • Contrans Flatbed CVOR/CSA Basics

    CFG’s CVOR is currently at 24.28% as of July 4th.
    Please note that this has increased 0.41% over the previous month.

    Here is how the CSA scores have changed from May.

    Unsafe Driving: No Change, 0%
    Crash Indicator: No Change, 0%
    HOS Compliance: No Change, 44%
    Vehicle Maintenance: No Change, 31%
    Controlled Substance: No Change, 0%
    Hazardous Material: No Change, no data
    Driver Fitness: No Change, no data

  • Referral Program Success!

    We wanted to make you all aware of how significant our payouts can be for our Referral Program! This program has provided us with some amazing drivers since it's beginning and we hope to see continued success in the future with it!

    2016 payouts = $19,000 paid to our drivers, OO's and staff
    2017 YTD payouts = $7,000 paid to our drivers, with thousands more waiting to be paid

    So get in on these earnings! See Kara for more details!