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  • Hagersville Rocks Winners!!!

    Thank you to all who participated in our draw for Hagersville Rocks tickets!

    The winners are:

    Lenny Aarts
    Rachel Poirier
    Tim Sharpe
    Brandon Coutch
    Heather Devins
    Bruce Rawcliffe
    John White
    Paul Mierau
    Marshall Payne
    Kara Kett
    Sandra Garmon
    Mike Pepin
    Dwayne Martin
    Dorlean McIntosh
    Brad Benner
    Neil Carpenter
    Amy Barber
    Rob Theriault
    Liam McKenzie
    Michelle Baker
    Randy Strohm
    Zach McKee
    Tannis Rulli
    Andrew Sutor
    John Nelson
    Andre Stride
    Mindy Cronk
    Larry Mercier
    Ken Kilpatrick
    William Mepham

    Congratulations everyone! I will be in touch to hand out your tickets.

  • Return to Work Policy- Case Management -Updated

    Please see below link for the updated Return to Work Policy.


    Return to Work Policy - Case Management Updated May 30, 2017   


  • Congratulations Alain!

    • Congratulations Alain Lepage on your 10 years of service! We are very thankful to have employees like you as part of Contrans Flatbed Group. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Thank you Alain!

  • Congrats to Doug Young!

    2nd Prize winner of the surprise Q1 Challenge was Doug Young, congratulations Doug!

  • Contrans Flatbed Group CVOR

    CFG’s CVOR is currently at 23.87 as of June 1st

    Please note that this has decreased 0.82%  over the previous month.

  • TFS Volume 48

  • Congratulations Dorlean and Brad!

    Dorlean and Brad were married this past weekend and we would like to wish them all the best! Congratulations!


  • Happy Birthday!

    We want to wish everyone who is celebrating a birthday in June a very happy day, and a great year ahead!