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  • 2017 Mac Kids Plane Pull Fundraiser

    Once again this year I am putting together a Contrans Flatbed Group team to enter the annual Mac Kids Hospital Plane Pull that is happening Sunday June 4th at the Hamilton Airport. This event is a worthwhile cause to help raise funds for the hospital that helps so many children across the country…Plus we get the chance to be challenged to pull a 125,000 lb Boeing plane across the tarmac! Each team is given 2 chances to pull the plane a total of 25 ft and the fastest time overall wins bragging rights until next year. The event runs from 10-2 and includes food trucks, cop cars, bomb truck, strong man/strong woman contest on site, and free passes to the Warplane Heritage Museum.

    If you’re interested in joining the team, please let me know. Each team member must contribute a minimum of $25 to participate which can be raised through fundraising or can be donated by the participant themselves. We must have 15 members on our team minimum, up to a maximum of 25, so if you are seriously interested in joining our team, please let me know so I can get you started with your fundraising efforts. If you sign up, I am committing you to be there. Registration is open to all Contrans Flatbed Group employees first and if need be, we will open it up to family members after everyone has had a chance. But please keep in mind that family is welcome to attend this free event to cheer you on!

    Thank you,

    Kara Kett

  • Organizational Announcement

    We are pleased to announce that Shaun Hollinshead has accepted the position of Planner, Domestic board.  Shaun brings several years of driving and dispatch experience to this position.  Most of you who work on the Domestic board will be familiar with Shaun already as he has covered off several different positions.  Shaun will report to Larry Mercier in this new role.  Please join me in congratulating Shaun in his new position.

  • Congratulations Rick!

    One of our Owner Operators, Rick, has worked hard over the years and proven himself to be a quality member of the team. Rick joined us in October during the acquisition of IFS in Oshawa, so even though he was only with us for a short period of time, he absolutely made an impact. We are so happy for him that he has now graduated into retirement and is enjoying his time at home and with his family. Congratulations Rick! Your retirement is well deserved and we wish you all the best!


  • Congratulations Kevin Fulford!!

    • Congratulations Kevin on your 15 years of service! We are very thankful to have employees like you as part of Contrans Flatbed Group. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Thank you Kevin!!!

  • CSA Scores for January

    Here is how the scores have changed from November, as we were unable to pull any scores for the month of December.

    Unsafe Driving: No Change, 0%

    Crash Indicator: No Change, 0%

    HOS Compliance: Up 3%, 44%

    Vehicle Maintenance: Down 2% , 29%

    Controlled Substance: No Change, 0%

    Hazardous Material: No Change, no data

    Driver Fitness: No Change, no data

  • Happy Birthday!

    We want to wish everyone who is celebrating a birthday in February a very happy day, and a great year ahead!

  • Organizational Announcement

    I am pleased to announce that Larry Mercier will be assuming the role of Operations Manager, Domestic Board.  Larry will report to Brad Glassford in this role.  Larry has been with the company over 30 years and has successfully filled various roles such as company driver, shunt crew supervisor, domestic board planner and now more recently as the interim Operations Manager.  Larry is very knowledgeable in all aspects of our business and we look forward to working with him in his new role.  Reporting to Larry will be Chris Brooks, Jordan Armstrong, Jim O’Neil and Chantelle Austen.  We will advise as to the Planner vacancy that will now open up on the domestic board.

    Please join me in congratulating Larry on his new position.

    Kristen Fess

  • Super Bowl Pool Winners!

    Congratulations to the winners of our 3rd Line Super Bowl Pool!

    1st Quarter- Grayson Maillet

    1st Quarter Reverse- Grayson Maillet

    Halftime- Chantelle Austen

    Halftime Reverse- Bruce Rawcliffe

    3rd Quarter- Kara Kett

    3rd Quarter Reverse- Heather Devins

    4th Quarter - Heather Devins

    4th Quarter Reverse - Heather Devins