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  • Congratulations John Greenfield!

    We want to congratulate John on reaching his 25 years of service milestone with Contrans Flatbed Group! Thank you John for your continued dedication and hard work. We greatly appreciate having you on our team!

  • Flatbed Division Announcement

    I am pleased to announce that Kristen Fess has accepted the position of  General Manager, Contrans Flatbed Group.  Kristen will continue to report to me in this new role.

    Reporting to Kristen will be:

    Harm Singh, General Manager, Maritime Division

    Brad Williamson, Divisional Manager Multi, CFG

    Amy Barber, Manager Risk Management, CFG/Tripar

    Kara Kett, Recruitment & Retention, CFG/Tripar

    Brad Glassford, Director Operations CFG

                    Reporting to Brad is

                    Jeff Barquest – Operations Manager - US Division

                    Larry Mercier (Interim)  - Operations Manager – Domestic Division

                    Grayson Maillet – Operations Manager – Solutions Division

                    Jeff Smith – Operations Manager – Shunt Services


    The operational reporting structure at Tri-Line Carriers is unchanged;  with Flatbed and Safety reporting to Kristen, maintenance reporting to Doug Martin and Bulk, Waste and Sales reporting to me.

     Accounting Changes

     1. Ryan Mazzuca, CFG Controller will now be responsible for financial statement preparation and operational support to the CFG and will continue to report to Dan Dundas

    1.  2. Megan Salmon, in addition to her existing duties as a business analyst, will take on accounting duties in support of the Controller, Ryan Mazzuca and will report directly to Ryan.
    2.  3. Dorlean Patterson, Assistant Controller  will assume the responsibilities for financial statement preparation for Tri-Line Carriers.  Dorlean will be responsible for Accounts Payable & Maintenance Accounting reporting at CFG;  reporting to Dorlean will be, Janice Dula, Trisha Gilbertson (Hagersville Shop), Jayne McGrath (Guelph Shop) and   Shari Stapleton (Oshawa Shop) will report to Dorlean.  Dorlean will continue to report directly to Dan Dundas
    3. 4. Heather Best will continue in her current role as Accounting Manager, Tri Line Carriers and will report directly to Dorlean Patterson.

    Thank You,


    Steve Brookshaw

  • 3rd Line Super Bowl Pool!

    The 3rd Line Super Bowl pool is up and running in the US dispatch area of the 3rd Line building! If you're interested in testing your luck and seeing if you can come up a big winner, come see Kara or Andrew to purchase your square. Each square is $5 and prizes range from $25 to $200. Super Bowl is Sunday February 5th

    Each square costs $5


    1) One team (AFC) will be represented at the top and the other (NFC) down the side.  

    2) A player may buy as many squares as they like and can pay for.  All money must be paid up front before you choose your square.

    3) The numbers for the squares will be drawn once all of the squares have been filled.  This ensures a level of randomness so that the first people do not get first pick of the numbers.

    4) The last digit in the score will be the one used.  Therefore if the score at the end of the 1st Quarter is NFC 7, AFC 3 the winning square is the square which intersects NFC 7 and AFC 3.  The winning “reverse” score for this quarter would then be AFC 7 NFC 3.  If the score at the end of the 3rd Quarter is NFC 21, AFC 14 the winning square is the square which intersects NFC 1 and AFC 4.  Therefore the “reverse” score would be NFC 4 and AFC 1.

    5) If the game is tied at the end of regulation time, the 4th Quarter winners get their prizes and there will be no prize for the final score at the end of overtime.


    Score at: Winning Square: Reverse:
    End of 1st quarter $50 $25
    Halftime $100 $25
    End of 3rd quarter $50 $25
    End of 4th quarter $200 $25


    *This pool is first come, first serve. So to avoid disappointment, please purchase your square(s) from Andrew or Kara sooner than later!

  • Congratulations Jerry Lebert!

    • Congratulations Jerry on your 5 years of service! We are very thankful to have employees like you as part of Contrans Flatbed Group. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Thank you Jerry!


  • The Jake Break is now mobile friendly!

    We have received feedback through your annual training questionnaires that you feel we could do a better job with regards to communication. The Jake Break is your primary source for learning about all company news, so we’ve made it easier for you to check it out on your phones. Visit once a week and within 5 minutes, you’ll be completely up to date! You will find safety stats, organizational changes and announcements, company event info, internal job postings, new company initiatives and program info, and many other items on the Announcements page.

    If you need your password reset, please contact Karla at ext. 2268 or Kara at ext. 2242.

  • We will miss you Scott!

    We wish you the best of luck in your new role!

  • Happy Birthday Howie Bacher!!

    Happy Birthday Howie. have a wonderful day!!!

  • Guelph Award Presentations

     Here are a couple of photos from the award presentation in Guelph for those who couldn't make it to the to presentation in Hagersville.  Congratulations!!

  • E-Log Transition Program 2017

    Please see the attached memo in regards to the E-log Transition Program. 

    E-log Transition Program

  • CVOR Rating

    CFG’s CVOR is currently at 25.40% as of January 1.  Please note that this has increased  0.42% over the previous month.