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  • Happy Birthday Mike Henderson!!!!

    Happy Birthday Mike , Have an awesome day!!!

  • Happy Birthday Jordan Armstrong!

    Happy Birthday Jordan!  Have a wonderful day!

  • 2016 Employee Awards!

    We want to thank everyone for all their hard work and achievements in 2016. After a successful year on many levels with our drivers, staff and customers, we are proud to share our award recipients which were announced yesterday:

    Courage to Go Far Award: Tom Martin

    Technology Champion: Bob Borman

    Leadership in Safety: Tom Martin

    Employee of the Year – Administration: Ann Cacoilo

    Employee of the Year – Sales & Services: Grayson Maillet

    Employee of the Year – Operations: Chantelle Austen

    Employee of the Year – Maintenance: Denny Rickert

    Employee of the Year – Shunt Crew: Todd Marratt

    President’s Award: Mike Grant-Henderson

    Lowest Idle Hwy: Doug Young

    Lowest Idle Local: Andrew Worth

    Best Fuel Management Hwy: Bob Borman

    Best Fuel Management Local: John Greenfield

    Apprenticeship Graduate: John Nelson

    Apprenticeship Graduate: Scott Lang

    Apprenticeship Graduate: Tony Delorme

    Apprenticeship Graduate: Connor McGuigan

    Apprenticeship Graduate: Andrew Laing

    Driver Coach: Tom Martin

    Driver Coach: Adam Stirr

    Driver Coach: Travis Biggar

    Driver Coach: Matt Steinhauser

    Driver Coach: Rodney Matthews

    Driver Coach: Michael Pepin


  • Winner!

    Answer- A Christmas Cracker.


    Mike Henderson wins again!!!!

  • Christmas Trivia Day 16

    Which Christmas item was invented by London baker and wedding-cake specialist Tom Smith ? 

  • Winner!

    Answer- White


    Congrats Mike Henderson!!!!

  • Christmas Trivia Day 15

    What colour are the berries on mistletoe?



  • Winner!

    Answer- A Charlie Brown Christmas


    Congrats Rachel Poirier!

  • Christmas Trivia Day 14

    “I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.”  is a quote from which Christmas movie?

  • Winner!!

    Answer- Miracle on 34th Street


    Congrats Jordan Armstrong!