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  • Driver of the Year Award

    Jim Smith received this years Castrol "Courage To Go Far" Award.  As he was unable to attend the Recognition Event, he was presented with this award in the office October 28.  Way to go Jim!Jim Jim2 Jim 3

  • Event Photos 2015 -Photo Booth

    CONTRANS 2015_0147 CONTRANS 2015_0149 CONTRANS 2015_0151 CONTRANS 2015_0155 CONTRANS 2015_0159 CONTRANS 2015_0162 CONTRANS 2015_0164 CONTRANS 2015_0166 CONTRANS 2015_0170 CONTRANS 2015_0172 CONTRANS 2015_0175 CONTRANS 2015_0180 CONTRANS 2015_0181 CONTRANS 2015_0187 CONTRANS 2015_0193 CONTRANS 2015_0197 CONTRANS 2015_0199 CONTRANS 2015_0203 CONTRANS 2015_0205 CONTRANS 2015_0210 CONTRANS 2015_0212 CONTRANS 2015_0214 CONTRANS 2015_0218 CONTRANS 2015_0222 CONTRANS 2015_0225 CONTRANS 2015_0228 CONTRANS 2015_0230 CONTRANS 2015_0233 CONTRANS 2015_0237 CONTRANS 2015_0239 CONTRANS 2015_0241 CONTRANS 2015_0002 CONTRANS 2015_0004 CONTRANS 2015_0008 CONTRANS 2015_0011 CONTRANS 2015_0012 CONTRANS 2015_0014 CONTRANS 2015_0017 CONTRANS 2015_0021 CONTRANS 2015_0022 CONTRANS 2015_0030 CONTRANS 2015_0033 CONTRANS 2015_0036 CONTRANS 2015_0038 CONTRANS 2015_0040 CONTRANS 2015_0042 CONTRANS 2015_0045 CONTRANS 2015_0047 CONTRANS 2015_0049 CONTRANS 2015_0052 CONTRANS 2015_0057 CONTRANS 2015_0060 CONTRANS 2015_0062 CONTRANS 2015_0065 CONTRANS 2015_0067 CONTRANS 2015_0071 CONTRANS 2015_0075 CONTRANS 2015_0078 CONTRANS 2015_0081 CONTRANS 2015_0085 CONTRANS 2015_0090 CONTRANS 2015_0091 CONTRANS 2015_0095 CONTRANS 2015_0099 CONTRANS 2015_0100 CONTRANS 2015_0105 CONTRANS 2015_0108 CONTRANS 2015_0109 CONTRANS 2015_0112 CONTRANS 2015_0119 CONTRANS 2015_0123 CONTRANS 2015_0124 CONTRANS 2015_0127 CONTRANS 2015_0132 CONTRANS 2015_0135 CONTRANS 2015_0142

  • Event Photos- 2015 Celebration and Recognition Event

    IMG_0057 IMG_0052 IMG_0051 IMG_0050 IMG_0049 IMG_0047 IMG_0037 IMG_0027 IMG_0011 Event 6 Event 4 IMG_0115 IMG_0109 - Copy IMG_0108 - Copy IMG_0105 IMG_0101 IMG_0098 IMG_0094 IMG_0092 IMG_0086 IMG_0083 IMG_0079 IMG_0073 IMG_0072 IMG_0069 IMG_0066 IMG_0062

  • Contrans Driver a Finalist for Rookie Contest

    Chantelle Bomberry's success as a trucking rookie has made it into!  Please see link below for the full article.

  • Thank You from Caledonia & District Food Bank

    Dear Friends, On behalf of the Caledonia & District Food Bank, and its clients, I wish to thank you for your awesome donations totaling 219 pounds from your recent Safety Banquet. Your kindness and support truly mean so much to so many people.



    Dorette Allemang Manager

  • Trucks to Touch!

    Come and check us out at Trucks to Touch on October 25th from 2-4pm, held at Cayuga Speedway. Bring the family out to get an up close and personal look at a variety of vehicles! Hope to see you there!

  • Updated Policies

    Please find the attached updated policies for your review.   Effective November 1, 2015.


    Visitor Policy

    Worker Well Being

    Return to Work Case Mngmt

    Defensive Driving Policy

    Legal Requirements

  • 3rd Annual Celebration and Recognition Event!

    We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone that made it out to the 3rd Annual Celebration and Recognition Event on Saturday.  Congratulations goes out to the following award winners.


    Years of Service Awards

    30 Years

    Bill Horrigan

    Hans Jansen

    25 Years

    Chris Brooks

    Dan Dundas

    Mark Thorne

    20 Years

    Mark Cremery

    Debbie Hughey

    Tony Norman

    15 Years

    Kristen Fess

    Kevin Gates

    Michael Henderson

    Brent McGraw

    Eugene Schweertman

    Mitch Wagstaffe

    Brad Williamson

    Peter Wybenga

    10 Years

    Steven Guthrie

    Tony Machado

    Paul McCarthy

    Andre Mercier

    Andrew Sutor

    5 Years

    Jeff Barquest

    Brad Benner

    Chris Burston

    Doug Carter

    Robert Farrow

    Pete Friesen

    Doug Frost

    Jatinder Gill

    Lori Harnden

    Scott Howarth

    Wayne Jury

    Breck Manderstrom

    Todd Marratt

    Brian McCabe

    John Nelson

    Dorlean Patterson

    Robert Ralf

    Wayne Roberts

    Rene Roy

    Richard Sobschak

    Maurice St. Amour

    Randy Stonehouse

    Jeremy Stoneman

    Andre Stride

    Rob Theriault

    Trent Thomas

    Robert Udell

    Mark Vanhoucke

    Orlan Wodzak


    Caroline Winegarden

    Bill Randall

    Mentor Graduates 2015

    Derrick Willband

    Denis Toulouse

    Jamie Scherer

    Erick Jackson-Gunn

    Driver Coach Recognition 2015

    Kota Kinniburgh

    Chris Downs

    James Smith

    Michael Pepin

    Shaun Hollinshead

    Sean Halpin

    Employee of the Year Awards 2015

    Administration- Dorlean Patterson

    Operations- Brad Williamson

    Service/Sales- Amy Barber

    Maintenance- Brad Benner

    Shunt Crew- Jeff Smith

    Leadership In Safety 2015

    Michael Pepin

    Technology Champion 2015

    Robert Kemp

    Lowest Idle Time 2015

    Michael Pepin

    Scott Stokes

    Lowest MPG

    Dany Boutin

    John White

    Castrol "Courage To Go Far" Award 2015

    James Smith

    Presidents Award of Excellence 2015

    Howie Bacher







  • Welcome Aboard!

    We would like to send out a warm welcome to the following drivers who have completed orientation and will be joining Contrans Flatbed Group on the road!

    Aron Enns will be joining US Tandem as an Owner/Operator and is FAST approved.

    Henry Banman will be joining Domestic Hagersville Division as an Owner/Operator.



  • Trucking For A Cure!

    On Saturday October 3rd,  Kota Kinniburgh took part in Trucking For A Cure's 2015 Convoy, which was held in Woodstock.  A big shout out to Kota for taking the time to raise funds and awareness for the battle against breast cancer!

    Convoy2 Convoy