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  • New Gym Partnership

    We are entering into a partnership with Pro-Fit Health Club on 6th Line in Caledonia and I wanted to share the details of this program with you!

    • $29.95/month membership fee
    • $0 down to enroll
    • This membership fee is open to all Contrans Flatbed Group employees and their immediate families upon proof of employment (ID badge)
    • Existing members can show their ID badge and be moved down to this rate as well
    • They will be sharing a blog with employees that will be posted on the Jake Break with helpful tips and ideas for living healthy
    • There is a new Power Lunch program for members and operates Monday – Friday from noon to 1pm. The program includes a 30 minute workout led by Personal Training Staff and a healthy lunch that will be prepared and ready for pick up at the end of the session. This workout is free to members…just pay for your lunch

    If you’d like to enroll, all you have to do is visit Pro-Fit with your ID badge and you’re all set!

    If you have any questions, let Kara know

  • BBQ Reminder!!


    Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is  the BBQ lunch.


  • Helping A Fellow Employee

    Hi there. My name is Roland Calamatta. I work in the shop in Hagersville. Last month my brother was attacked while visiting his friend in Mississauga at a party. He is currently in the critical care unit at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto recovering from a major brain injury as a result of the attack. I started a crowdfunding page to help raise money for his recovery (medical/personal expenses). I have included the link to the crowdfunding initiative as well as links to a few of the news articles related to this incident. I hope you are able to assist, but if not, thank you for taking to time to consider our cause. In appreciation, Roland A Calamatta


  • Tri-Line Annoucement

    Please see attached Tri-Line Announcement

    Tri-Line Announcement June 2015

  • Welcome Aboard!!

    We want to send out a warm welcome to the following drivers who have completed orientation and are joining Contrans Flatbed Group on the road!

    * Peter Wlodarczyk - will be joining the US Tandem Division As an Owner Operator

    * Carolynn Armstrong  - will be joining the US Tandem Division as a Mentor

    ∗ Mark Soos - Will be joining the Multi Division


    Welcome Everyone!!

  • Welcome Aboard!!!

    We want to send out a warm welcome to Chad Coughlin and Ben Dobrowolski  who have completed orientation and is joining Contrans Flatbed Group on the road!

    Chad is a FAST approved driver driving out of the Multi Division in North Bay

    Ben is an Owner Operator driving for the US Tandem Division


  • Learn To Drive Week continued




    group2Group shot


  • Learn To Drive Week Continued

    Cheryl Cheryl  Megan Guess who can't reach?  (LOL Megan)



  • Organizational News.

    We are pleased to announce the following organizational changes.  These changes are a result of some positive growth we have been experiencing in our organization.


    Steven Brookshaw will now be responsible for Tripar Transportation which is located in Oakville, Ontario.   Tripar Transportation is a less-than-truckload (LTL) van carrier specializing in next-day delivery of goods between Canada and the Northeastern United States. Since 1981, Tripar’s responsive customer service makes them the transportation company of choice for customers who require consistent overnight LTL service, including urgent deliveries, temperature control, cold chain and hazardous material shipments.  Don Burditt will report directly to Steven.


    Kristen Fess will now be responsible for the Guelph Division and the Maintenance facilities under the Contrans Flatbed Group umbrella.  She will continue with her current duties as well.  Brad Williamson and John Ball will report directly to Kristen.  Kristen will be responsible to ensure all divisions are working together to diversify, develop other freight lanes and continue to build efficiencies in our business.


    Brad Glassford will continue in his role as Divisional Manager, Domestic Division but will also take on the start up of our Customer Intake/Service Division.  Lynda Sagl will continue to be the account manager and she will report directly to Brad Glassford.  Lynda and Brad will be responsible for our large accounts and ensure that we are utilizing all of our divisions to capture growth and offer exceptional customer service to our customers.  As we all know, Lynda has be an integral part of this business and is exceptional at customer service/account management and we look forward to both her and Brad along with the divisional/solutions support to grow this side of our business.


    Scott Howarth will be the Operations Manager for the Domestic Division reporting to Brad Glassford.  He will divide his time between Mississauga and Hagersville and will be responsible for the diversification of our domestic business.  All domestic operations staff with the exception of Lynda Sagl will report to Scott Howarth.  Scott has a very strong operations background and he will be responsible to manage the direction of the Domestic business allowing Brad to focus on long term growth and the development of our Customer Intake division.  Scott has a keen eye for utilization and we look forward to him bringing his expertise as we continue to diversify our domestic business.  Of course, he has fabulous operations people, so I am sure all of you will make him look good! In time, we will determine where the work that Scott is currently doing will go but until then he will try and cover off as much as he can.


    We have just recently secured a large customer that will require support from all areas of our business.  This account will transition to our Customer Intake and they will be the one point of contact for the customer and operations/solutions.  This is fantastic news for our organization and we will provide a more accurate picture of this new customer as we receive more concrete information.


    If you have any questions at all please ask.  I try to be as clear as possible but sometimes hard to convey everything that is happening so feel free to call/see me and I can elaborate with more detail.


    Please offer your support and congratulations to the above.



  • Welcome Aboard!!!

    We want to send out a warm welcome to  Greg Wile who has completed orientation and is joining Contrans Flatbed Group on the road!

    Greg Will be working with the Multi Division out of the North Bay office.