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    Ben Hardie took a little pit stop in Dog River Saskatchewan , and wanted to share these great pic with us. image3image2image1

  • Happy Birthday Mike Henderson!

    Happy Birthday Mike! We hope your day is great!

  • Merry Christmas!

    Wishing everyone and their families a very Merry Christmas!

  • 3rd Line Advent Calendar Reaches it’s Last Day!

    Over the past month, we at 3rd Line have been having a ball opening up our advent calendar and counting down to Christmas! We've won some fun prizes and had theme days filled with holiday cheer. Here is a list of winners over the course of December and some pictures documenting our festive activities!

    3rd Line Advent Calendar

    IMG_5721 IMG_5720 CHRISTMAS2014 IMG_5593IMG_5744


  • Santa Letter of the Day

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  • Happy Birthday Jordan Armstrong!

    Happy Birthday Jordan! Wishing you a Happy Birthday and a Merry Christmas!

  • Winner!!

    Answer:  'Twas The Night before Christmas .

    Alex Prime Again!!! great job!!

  • 12 Days of Christmas trivia Day 8

    Which popular poem was alternatively know as  A Visit from St. Nicholas?

  • Santa Letter of the Day

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  • Winner!!

    ANSWER:   Christmas Past , Christmas Present, Christmas Yet to come (future) , Jacob Marley.  Congrats Alex Prime