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  • More Halloween Fun!!

    Today we have two Howie Bachers at the third Line and two Steve Brookshaw's at the Guelph office!

    Halloween FunHalloween 2014

  • Announcement

    Please review the following organizational changes below. 

    As we all know Caroline Winegarden is retiring next year.  Heather Devins will transition into Caroline’s role as of January 1st, 2015.  Heather primarily will be responsible for the compliance of our maintenance programs, MTO/DOT audits and MIR.  Heather will report to John Ball. 

    Grayson Maillet will transfer to Logistics & Solutions Group as of November 1st, 2014.  Grayson will be responsible for the continued development of sales, carrier base and customer development.  He will also continue to be located in our operation group in order to continue to build efficiencies between our operations group and logistics/sales.  Grayson will report to Peter Maillet.

    As we know Tannis Rulli is expecting a new bundle of joy next spring.  Andrew Sutor will transition to US Highway dispatch to take over for Tannis effective March 1st, 2015.  Andrew will report to Jeff Barquest.

    Two new positions have opened up and we will be posting these positions internally and externally.

    We will be hiring an Administration Clerk that will report to Megan Salmon.  This position will sit in our operations group.  Their primary responsibilities will be reception (we will be moving to a live answer phone system) and recruitment and retention administrative functions.  For a more detailed job posting please see Megan Salmon.  If you wish to apply for this position or know of anyone that might be interested please see Megan.

    We will also be hiring a Junior Dispatcher that will report to Larry Graves on our US Local Board.  This position will work on the local board assisting with dispatch, entering orders, updating trucks, providing reports etc.  We are still working out the exact job functions and hours of this position so once we have this position finalized we will post internally and externally.  If you are interested or know of anyone that might be interested please see either myself or Kevin Gates.  Once the position has been finalized all hiring/interest will go through Larry Graves.

    Please join me in wishing Heather, Grayson and Andrew much success in their new roles.

    Kristen Fess

  • Happy Birthday Brent Perchuk!

    Happy Birthday Brent! We hope you have a great day!

  • Happy Birthday Taylor Crozier!

    Happy Birthday Taylor! Wishing you a spectacular day!

  • Happy Birthday Paige Meehan!

    Happy Birthday Paige! We hope you have a great day!

  • Pumpkinfest Parade 2014

    This past Saturday, Owner Operator Tim Sharpe put his truck into the Pumpkinfest Parade in Waterford in support of Len's Mill Store. Here are some pictures of the Smurf float!

    IMG_20141018_125114 IMG_20141018_124154 IMG_20141018_123730 IMG_20141018_103040



  • 2014 Celebration & Recognition Event

    A big thank you to everyone that came out Saturday evening for a great night of fun and entertainment. Congratulations goes to the following award winners.

    Years of Service Awards

    5 years – Kent Wood, Bryan Morton, Albert Beckham, Bhupinder Bajwa, Bill Lucier, Chad Mitchell, Kenneth Jones, Timothy Salinga, Kara Kett, Ann Cacoilo, Gray Cossar, Cheryl Stallwood, Randy Strohm, Thomas Ley

    10 years – Dave Bergsma, John Vedder, Mark Bullock, Jeff Cherewka, Gursh Bhanwer, Jan Bodnar, Robert Schandl, Peter Maillet, Gregory Lovell, Dave Sobers, Carlisle Barrow

    15 years – Andreas Hribar, Bruce Rawcliffe, Neil Adams, Joe McGrath, Kevin Thorne, Denice Gill

    20 years – Glen Hisey

    25 years – Bob Thorne

    Mentor Program Graduate Award – James Levesque, Richard Schmith, Travis Biggar

    Driver Coach Recognition – Andre Stride, Richard Sobschak, James Smith, Lloyd Delottinville, Steve Staley, Chris Downs

    Leadership in Safety Award – Shaun Hollinshead

    Best Fuel Management Award – Mike Pepin, James Book

    Lowest Idle Time Recognition Award – Chris Downs, Jack Maynes

    Technology Champion Award – Trent Thomas

    Employee of the Year Awards

    Administration – Brenda Borsellino

    Operations – Jim O’Neil

    Services/Sales – Kara Kett

    Maintenance – Caroline Winegarden

    Shunt Crew – Jeff Smith

    Castrol Courage to Go Far Driver Award – Lloyd Delottinville

    President's Employee Award of Excellence – Chris Brooks

  • Happy Birthday Kaylee Fremont!

    Happy Birthday Kaylee! Hope you have a fantastic day!

  • Tri-Line Honoured to Lead Special Olympics Convoy

    On Saturday September 20th, Tri-Line had 7 trucks representing in the Calgary part of the World's Largest Truck Convoy for Special Olympics.  We had a fantastic time and based on the money pledged to Tri-Line Carriers we secured the position of Lead Truck for the convoy.

    I would like to thank Richard Phillips, Harmeet Sandhu, Amy Theriault, Jeff Trenholm, John Jessup, Blaine Ramstad, and Don Morton for coming out on their Saturday for a good cause.  We had a great time and lots of laughs.

    photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo

  • Happy Birthday Colin Byham!

    Happy Birthday Colin! We hope you have an awesome day!