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  • Congratulations Andrew Sutor!

    This past weekend, Andrew Sutor married his long time girlfriend Breanne. We want to wish the happy couple a lifetime of happiness!

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  • Welcome Aboard!

    We want to welcome Todd Sherritt to Contrans Flatbed Group! Todd has completed orientation and is joining the mentorship program out of Guelph.

    Welcome Todd!

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    Please read the letter from Greg Rumble and the attached announcement and if you have any concerns, questions please give me a call at 519 636 2751 and I will give answers to the best of my knowledge – this is a big event so please call me if you need to discuss what is going to happen in the future

    Thanks for your support; I am excited about the opportunity for our group in the future with this growth oriented organization!

    Again call if you have questions, Steve


    July 24, 2014

    From: Greg Rumble, President and COO

    Good afternoon,

    I wish to advise you of some exciting news that was announced today.  Contrans has received an offer from TransForce to purchase the shares of the Contrans and become part of the TransForce group of companies.  The details are provided in the attached press release.

    I can tell you that this announcement comes with much excitement.  First of all, I am excited to join forces with a growing industry player in the North American transportation business.   This should afford our people the ability to grow and have further opportunities or career and personal advancement.  It is the people of Contrans that have made the company successful and, I expect that this transaction will allow the team to grow and flourish with broader opportunities.

    On the other hand, I am a little sad to think that this is the end of “Contrans” as a stand-alone public company.  There were very humble beginnings for Contrans – some very tough times followed the start of Contrans in 1985.  Contrans endured through the tough times, numerous downturns and recessions, customer failures, currency spikes, fuel spikes and insurance crisis, and the many other challenges over the past  30 years.  Through all of that, we achieved industry-leading profitability and delivered significant growth through strategic acquisitions and organic expansion.  And while small, Contrans has been a darling small-cap stock that few companies’ records can beat over the long run.  For that we can only thank the talented team at Contrans and our divisions – those behind the wheel, under the trucks, on the docks, or behind the desks – for getting us this far.  Today’s announcement is the culmination of the efforts of everyone, and for that I can only offer my humblest thanks.

    As for Contrans and our divisions, our people and our culture: this transaction is a “friendly” transaction between Contrans and TransForce.  TransForce has advised that there are no plans to make any significant changes to our entities, our people, or to our culture.  We will be encouraged to continue down the path of profitable growth, with the same entrepreneurial spirit and small-company values that have kept us strong for so many years.

    I will continue to lead the company.  I look forward to being part of the next phase of our growth, both as a company and as individuals.  On completion of the offer, TransForce intends to nominate Stan Dunford for election to the TransForce board of directors at their next annual meeting.  I would like to thank Stan for his mentorship, leadership and direction of Contrans over the last 29 years.  We have had the opportunity to learn and grow under that leadership and now our challenge is to continue operating the company based on the fundamentals we have been taught.

    Mr. Alain Bedard, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of TransForce, asked that I share the following comments with the Contrans team:

    This is an exciting day for all of us. I have admired the progress of your company over the years and I have a true interest in your activities. For these reasons, I believe we would have a very strong future together. We have similar operating cultures and I am confident this new association would create the ability to offer unparalleled service to existing and new customers.

    As it is said, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. There is a proven management in place at Contrans and we look forward to building on our joint success with this group and with you if the transaction is successful.” 

    Just to reiterate, we have   confirmed the following plans for Contrans after the transaction:


    1.   We will continue to operate the companies with   the same methods, systems and disciplines as before.
    2.   Our existing structure and reporting channels   will remain in place.
    3.   There will be no changes to the names of our   operating divisions.
    4.   I will continue to lead the Contrans team.
    5.   We will continue to grow the company as we   have in the past.



    Going forward, this transaction is going to create a very interesting and exciting company.  Contrans is about the same size as the Truckload segment of TransForce, before the acquisition of Transport America and Clarke Road – both announced earlier this year.  Adding Contrans to all of these companies will provide new service modes, new geographic footprints and new talents, and the group will be far stronger together than each of the companies that stood alone.

    Please feel free to reach out to your managers for any questions you may have regarding this news.  Thank you to all for making this possible and thank you for your continued support as we achieve our next milestones in this industry. 

    Gregory W. Rumble

    President & Chief Operating Officer


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  • Congratulations Amber (Bowling) Campbell!

    Amber got married this weekend in Sarnia and we just want to wish her and her husband Andrew congratulations and best wishes!


  • Welcome Aboard!

    We want to welcome Eric Jackson to Contrans Flatbed Group! Eric has completed orientation and is joining our local mentorship program. Welcome Eric!

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    Happy birthday Ted! Enjoy your day on Sunday!!

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  • Donation to The Salvation Army Appreciated

    Today we received the following letter from the Salvation Army thanking us for our donation. This group was chosen by the staff in Mississauga and the money will go to help those in need in their area.

    The Salvation Army