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  • Happy Birthday Tricia Gilbertson!

    Happy birthday Tricia! Wishing you a fantastic day!

  • Happy Birthday Joel Cartier!

    Happy Birthday Joel! Enjoy your day!

  • BBQ in Guelph

    The Guelph group had some fun today over lunch with a fun BBQ. Everyone chowed down on some good grub and had a chance to get outside and mingle with their co-workers. Thanks Jodi and Doug for organizing!

    BBQ 2 BBQ 3 BBQ 4 BBQ

  • Stretch Class at 3rd Line

    The stretch class that's held at 3rd Line a couple days a week by our very own Lisa Nigh has been quite a hit with staff. Getting a chance to get up in the middle of the day to get moving and stretch out all the stresses of the day is beneficial to our health and happiness in the office. Everyone who participates looks forward to the class and feels better as a result of just 15 minutes! Yesterday's class had a new recruit...Steve joined the class and reaped the rewards right away! Look at him getting his stretch on!

    Steve Stretching

  • Happy Birthday Amy Barber & Wade Munro!

    Happy birthday Amy and Wade! We hope you both have amazing days!

  • Happy Birthday Jason Stokke!

    Happy Birthday Jason! We hope you have a great day!

  • Welcome Aboard!

    We want to officially welcome Scott Jackson to Contrans Flatbed Group! Scott has been working with us doing the flower run in a straight truck, but now that the flowers are done for the season, he's completed orientation and is now joining our group in Brantford. Welcome Scott!

  • Best Wishes for Ed Harris

    This past Friday, we had an opportunity to honour and congratulate Ed Harris on his retirement. We want to wish him well and hope he enjoys his time with his wife and family.

    photo 1 photo 2

  • Happy Birthday Steve Brown!

    Happy birthday Steve! We all hope you have a fantastic day!

  • Welcome Aboard!

    We want to welcome the following drivers to Contrans Flatbed Group!

    *Dan Cloutier will be joining our Guelph group

    *Anthony Goodman will be joining our Brantford group

    *Rob Theriault will be re-joining our Domestic group

    Welcome guys!