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  • Shifting Gears Blog 3 – Resolutions Edition!

    Check out Lisa's latest blog focusing on those dreaded New Year's Resolutions!
  • Happy New Year!

    Wishing you all a very safe and happy new year!!!

  • Happy Birthday Kyle Sharpe!

    Happy Birthday Kyle! We all hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Happy Birthday Mike Henderson!!

    Happy Birthday Mike Henderson!! Hope you have a great day!!

  • Thank You for your Donations!

    Thank you to everyone who brought in food to support our local foodbanks this holiday season! Your generosity is well appreciated. Happy Holidays!

  • Merry Christmas Everyone!

    We at Contrans Flatbed Group want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas with your family and friends. Enjoy the holiday and all it brings.

  • Digging Out After the Ice Storm

    During and after this weekend's ice storm, we've seen trees come down, power go out and people be left in the cold and dark with a big mess to clean up. Here are some tips for dealing with the ramifications of such a storm:


    If you must venture outside, be alert to the possibility of electrical hazards:Ice Storm

    • Stay away from downed power lines and warn others to stay away. Be alert to the possibility that tree limbs or debris may hide an electrical hazard. Treat all power lines as live and dangerous. Treat everything near power lines as dangerous.

    It can be difficult to stay warm without power. If you live with young children or the elderly, consider temporarily staying somewhere with power. If you are at a home with power, there are ways to stay warm:

    • Stay inside and dress in warm, layered clothing.
    • Close off unneeded rooms.
    • When using an alternative heat source, follow operating instructions, use fire safeguards and be sure to properly ventilate.
    • Stuff towels and rags underneath doors to keep the heat in.
    • Cover windows at night.

    Only use a generator if you know how to operate it without hurting yourself, or electric utility employees.

    After an outage, power can return in spikes. Keep your electronics safe by unplugging them. Leave one light on to indicate that power has been restored then turn on other appliances and equipment one at a time.


  • Shifting Gears Blog

    Please see the below link for Lisa's 2nd Shifting Gears Blog dedicated to dealing with the holidays!


  • Holiday Food Drive

    Just a reminder about the 3rd Line Holiday Food Drive! Please help us help those less fortunate in our community at this time of year. Food can be dropped off in the US Dispatch area of the 3rd Line building.

  • Hagersville Santa Claus Parade

    This past Friday evening, we participated in the Hagersville Santa Claus parade. We decorated a truck and trailer, honked the horn, and handed out fun truck stickers to the kids who came out to watch. Despite the cold cold weather, we had a great night and were proud to participate in such a fun community event! A big thank you to Jeff, Jackie, Megan and Owen Barquest, Heather Devins, Brittany Gyokery and Kara Kett for your help with the parade.

    Christmas Parade 2013