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    Effective October 1st the following operational changes will be in effect.

    Kristen Fess will take on the role of Director of Operations reporting to me. She will continue in her current role as well but will also be responsible for overseeing the divisions.

    Brad Glassford will take on the role of Divisional Manager, Domestic Division.  This board includes Multi Hagersville and Mississauga and LCI North Bay.  Brad will report to Kristen Fess.

    Kevin Gates will take on the role of Divisional Manager, US Division. This board includes the Steel Division and the Tandem Division.  Kevin will also report to Kristen Fess.

    Kristen, Brad and Kevin will communicate any changes that may or may not occur with this new operational structure.

    Please join me in congratulating Kristen, Brad and Kevin in their new roles.

    Steven Brookshaw

  • Windsor Career Day

    We will be hosting a career day in Windsor on Saturday October 5 from 8am - 1pm at the Holiday Inn & Suites on Huron Church Road. We hope to get a chance to meet some qualified drivers that we can place either in our Windsor yard, or with one of our other groups. If you know of anyone in the area that you'd like to refer to this event, please let them know because we'd be happy to meet them!


  • Trucks to Touch 2013 – Haldimand/Norfolk

    1. We're excited to be participating in this year's annual Trucks to Touch event Sunday October 27 from 1 - 3 pm at the Cayuga Speedway and have a couple units lined up already to join us. This year they are combining both Haldimand & Norfolk businesses for participation so it's sure to be a big event full of lots of free entertainment for the whole family! If you would like to join us and help represent Contrans Flatbed Group, let Kara know at [email protected] or 877-790-1226 ext. 2242. Otherwise bring the family and enjoy some time outside (rain or shine) exploring the equipment and transportation vehicles that are working in and around your town everyday!
  • Thank you Jordan Dashnay!

    A big thank you and congratulations to Jordan Dashnay, a member of our Hagersville Tarping Crew, for his 1 year of service milestone. You are a valued member of our team and we are happy to have you on board with us.

  • The Cool Places We Visit

    Check out this picture of one of our OD drivers, Randy Baillie, delivering a crane boom to the new Tim Horton's Field which was previously Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton. It's hard to believe that by this time next year, this stadium will be open and the Tiger-Cats will be playing on this very field!

    Building the New Hamilton Stadium

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    I am happy to announce that Dave Williams has accepted a position with Laidlaw Bulk in Woodstock, ON as a driver trainer.  Laidlaw Bulk has recently been awarded a contract from US Steel from Hamilton to Nanticoke and they require a driver trainer to be responsible for this project.  Contrans Flatbed Group will also be participating in this contract with US Steel.  This is great news for both of our divisions as it will continue to strengthen our relationship with US Steel and drive more revenue into our businesses.  Dave’s experience will certainly be valuable to the Laidlaw Bulk Division.  Dave’s last day will be tomorrow.  Please join me in wishing Dave every success in his new role.

  • 1 Month Today!

    Our CFG Celebration & Recognition Event is exactly 1 month away as of today! We hope you're all going to come join us for a night of acknowledgement, music, friends, food, fun and laughter!

  • Sleep Apnea Tidbit

    Did you know that obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and cardiovascular (heart) disease have a strong correlation?  Hypertension (high blood pressure) is associated with OSA as the heart is forced to work harder to provide oxygenated blood to the body in the face of a cessation of breathing during sleep.  Treatment with CPAP has been proven to show a 10mmHg drop in mean arterial pressure that predicts a 37% decrease in risk of coronary disease and 56% decrease in risk of stroke.

  • Canada Savings Bonds

    It's that time of the year again! If you are interested in signing up for the Payroll Savings Program through Contrans, please see the attachment below for more details.

    Canada Savings Bond Program_201309241035

  • Celebration Event RSVP’s

    Just a reminder that the deadline for your RSVP's to the celebration event in October is next Friday October 5. We've received fantastic feedback and are excited that so many of you are attending! Now we're just looking to hear from the rest of you! So please get your RSVP cards in to Heather as soon as you can. We hope you can all attend - the more the merrier!