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  • Walking Rewards Cards are due on Monday!!

    July is almost over!! Can you believe it? 

    Remember to hand in your walking rewards cards to Megan Lint by Monday June 5, 2013 to be entered into the draw!

  • Congratulations Colin Byham!!

    Colin joined our Transportation Solutions Group a year ago today! Thank you Colin for all the hard work and time you have put into your job over the past year. We are glad to have you working with us!

  • Owner Operator of the Year Nominees

     It is with great pleasure that Contrans Flatbed Group had the opportunity to nominate 3 of our owner operators for “Owner Operator of the Year”.  Truck News has a yearly contest where companies nominate their professional owner operators who have a safe driving record, high level of industry involvement, heroism or going “green” initiatives.  This year we nominated William Randall from our tandem group for safe driving record and dependability.  James Mosher from our multi group was nominated for his safe driving record and reliability.  Wayne Roberts from our steel division was nominated for his industry involvement and promotion of safety.  We are very proud to have these gentlemen in our company and appreciate their hard work every day!  

  • Contrans is in Truck News!

    Check out the article below that was put into Truck News this week about Contrans Flatbed Group and our cooperative O/O development Program with Travelers Financial Corporation. 

    Contrans Flatbed Group and Travelers Financial Corporation announce O/O development program


    HAGERSVILLE, Ont., and VANCOUVER, BC. -- Contrans Flatbed Group and Travelers Financial Corporation have announced   new program to assist Contrans drivers to become new owner/operators. 

    The ‘Contrans Flatbed Group Owner Operator Development Program’ (OODP) program makes acquisition of new tractors and flatbeds a reality for drivers who want to take the next step in sharing in the success and growth of the company.

    “This new program acknowledges how valuable our drivers are to Contrans. We’re excited to invest in their futures and to recognize the great contribution they make”, said Steven Brookshaw, vice-president of Contrans Flatbed Group.  “With the Owner Operator Development Program we’ve ticked all the boxes for a new owner/operator’s success. The feature-rich program integrates an initial equity component, lease financing and maintenance, with ongoing administrative support.”

    “Travelers is delighted to be working with Contrans Flatbed Group in meeting the needs of new owner/operators in the acquisition of their own tractors and trailers. The comprehensive program Contrans has put together provides an affordable 60-month lease term with transparent payment options”, said Ernie Holmes, vice-president of Travelers Financial Corporation.



  • July Newsletter

    Check out this month's Newsletter!

  • Congratulations Ray Hamilton!!

     Ray has been with Brookville Carriers for 5 years! Ray came to us with a tremendous amount of experience in the transportation industry and has used that to help grow and improve our business during his time here. One of the areas that he has been very influential has been Brookville’s Logistics; he helped increase the importance of this area ensuring it was dealt with properly. Ray has also made important contributions to both regional and long haul fleets.


    Ray uses his strong marketing skills and his degree from Mt SaintVincentUniversity to always push forward, find areas of improvement and ensure Brookville is known by customers in the regions we operate in.


    Ray was born and raised in Nova Scotia and now has the privilege to live and work here with his wife and their three beautiful children.


    Thank you so much Ray, for all the hard work and dedication you have put into Brookville Carriers over the past five years. We look forward to working with you for many years to come in the future!


  • Happy Birthday Ed Harris!!

    Happy Birthday Ed!! We hope you enjoy your day!!

  • Happy Birthday Heather Bantick!!

    Happy Birthday Heather!! We hope you have a great day!!

  • Happy Birthday Kevin Bridgeman!!

    Hope you have a great day Kevin Bridgeman!! Happy Birthday!!!

  • Happy Birthday Ted Postuma!!

    Happy Birthday Ted Postuma!! Hope you have a great day!!