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  • Contrans Connection to the Boston Tragedy

    Brookville Driver completed his 4th marathon this year

    A TRUCKING CONNECTION TO BOSTON TRAGEDY: A week or so ago, I got a note from an owner/operator who had finished running the Boston Marathon just an hour or so before the bombs went off. "Would you be interested in our story?" he asked. Umm, yeah! Who'd have thought there'd be a Canadian trucking connection to such a major, international news event? Turns out Leo McCosham of Summerfield, P.E.I. and his girlfriend Brenda Benson ran the marathon (Leo, for the fourth time) and finished 70 minutes before the explosions rocked the finish line area. At the time, Leo and Brenda were recovering in a staging area just up the street from the finish line, where buses were parked that brought the belongings runners left behind at the start.

    In relating his story, Leo was fairly nonchalant about the whole experience. He said he figured it was a terrorist attack the moment he heard the second explosion. He never felt their safety was in imminent danger, even though he could see the smoke rising in distance. He returned to his Boylston St. hotel with his girlfriend and they stayed there, upon advice of the authorities, for the rest of the night. Next morning, they headed home. At the Houlton-Woodstock border crossing, they were questioned by FBI officers who were looking for any photos or video footage of the blast site. This year, however, Leo didn't take any pictures. They were "all business" this year, as Brenda was looking to set a new personal best time. And she did just that, running the race in three hours and 19 minutes.

    I mentioned this was Leo's fourth Boston Marathon. He says he'll be returning for his fifth next year, and has already qualified. He's also looking to do the New York City marathon later this year. How does he do it? He has a truck on with New Brunswick-based Brookville Carriers running long-haul. He's 49 years old. He's always on the road. There's nowhere healthy to eat. We've heard all these complaints before, but not from Leo. He tells me one secret is to never sit down in restaurants - he buys healthy meals at the grocery stores. And every day, he finds a place to park where he can whip off an easy 10 miles. "I can train anywhere," he said. "I just stop the truck. My minimum run is 10 miles a day, so I need an hour and 10 minutes to do that run and 20 minutes of prep time, so I need an hour-and-a-half from start to finish." If it's raining in Montreal, he'll wait till he gets to Rivere du Loup. If It's pouring in Moncton, he'll go for a run in Maine. He downplayed the whole concept, but I, for one, think it's pretty remarkable.

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  • Business and Personnel Update for CFG

    As you are all aware our first quarter results came under considerably less than what we had planned for. The business environment has forced us to make some difficult decisions internally in our organization. Our first priority is always to retain jobs but unfortunately in some cases we cannot.

     Effectively immediately the following changes are happening:

    1. Ted McDougall and Art Milroy – layoff.  Clive Sawh will continue to operate the trucks in the north and all safety and maintenance will be handled from the Hagersville office
    2. Chad Levesque – yard guy in Mississauga - layoff
    3. Wayne Jury – will move back to a driving position
    4. Heather Bantick – will move to the afternoon dispatch position
    5. Andrew Sutor – will move to steel dispatch

     Changes are being made to right size the organization based on what we see is happening in the industry.  We do not expect any further changes however, the business needs to start hitting their targets or we will continue to see the organization impacted negatively.

     From our end we are focusing on driving revenue into our business and making smart, financially sound decisions in regards to the utilization of our trucks.   We need your help in helping us drive our fuel costs down by driving the truck properly and reducing your idle time.  We also need to stop having accidents as this continues to pull the profitability out of our business.  We currently have the US strike that we are dealing with and once we have an idea of how our traffic lanes will change we will provide all of you with a plan.  Again, our priority it to retain all driving positions, we may just have to be flexible in doing different things until the strike is over.

     We are moving forward, we continue to be financially strong and are optimistic about the opportunities ahead of us.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to come see me.

    Brad Glassford

  • Waste Driver – Job Posting for Tri-Line Carriers

    Tri-Line Carriers LP is a division of Contrans and has been operating in the transportation industry since 1985 as a provider of freight transportation solutions. Tri-Line LP is looking for Class 1 Company drivers to service a new daily dedicated run Monday to Friday. This lane starts in Calgary, delivers to Coronation Landfill and returns back to Calgary the same day (approximately 11-12hr rounder).  We have openings available for both night and day shifts. Get on a steady schedule and still have time to see the family!

    THE JOB:

    1. Monday to Friday
    2. Scheduled run. Begin your day at the same time every day!
    3. Brand new tri-drive tractors and 53 foot trailers.
    4. Very strict loading and off-load schedules.


    1. Competitive wages
    2. Performance Bonuses
    3. Modern well maintained equipment
    4. Group benefits including life insurance, disability, dental and hospitalization.


    1. Valid Class 1 License
    2. MAX of 3 demerits
    3. No more than 2 violations in the last 3 years
    4. No more than one preventable collision in previous 3 years
    5. Ability to perform physically demanding work (walking, pushing, pulling, lifting)
    6. Experience using materials handling equipment
    7. Superior customer service ability and organizational skills


    More information can be obtained at their job fair at the Glenmore Inn in Calgary, Alberta on May 16 - 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

    All qualified applicants must submit resumes to [email protected]

  • Annual Walking Rewards Program


    It's that time again!!!

    Spring is here and we all have that itch to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. What better way to do so than to go for a walk, bike ride or hike in the woods.

    We are going to kick-off our Annual Walking Rewards program on May 1st, 2013. For those of you who are new or are finding your memory is failing you, here’s an explanation.

    *Track your minutes doing any physical activity each day and tally them up at the end of each week

    *Submit your active minutes monthly with your paperwork to “Megan’s attention”. Minutes

    must be submitted by the 5th of every month in order to qualify for the previous month’s draw

    *Those who submit their minutes and exceed 2 hours of walking each

    month will have their name entered for a chance to win a prize

    Each month a winner will be randomly selected from those that participate and the winner will receive a $50 Gift Card.

  • Happy Birthday Brittany Martin!!!

    Happy Birthday Brittany!!! We hope you have a great day!!!

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  • March Monthly Reports are Posted

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  • Happy Administrative Professionals Day!!

    Happy Administrative Professionals Day!! We would like to thank all our Admin staff for all the hard work they put in to making this company run!! Hope you have a great day!

  • Happy Birthday Denice Gill and John Nelson!!

    Happy Birthday Denice Gill and John Nelson!! Hope both of you have a fantastic day!!!

  • Happy Birthday Steve Brookshaw!!

    Happy Birthday Steve Brookshaw!!  Hope you have a great day!!