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  • Happy Birthday Brian Dunford and Scott McFarlane!!

    Happy Birthday Brian Dunford (CFG) and Scott McFarlane (CFG)!!! Hope you all have a fantastic day!!

  • McMaster Children’s Hospital Thanks You!!

    Today we received a letter from McMaster Children's hospital expressing their gratitude for the donation that Contrans made to them earlier this month. Here is the letter thy sent:


    Thank You Letter from McMaster

  • Congratulations Chris Hipson!!

    Congratulations Chris (CFG) on reaching 1 year with the company!! Thanks for all your hard work over the past year, we have enjoyed having you here and look forward to many more to come!!

  • Happy Birthday Dave Williams!!!!

    Happy Birthday Dave Williams!!!! Hope you enjoy your day!!!

  • Spring is Here!!

    Which means, the frost is coming out of the ground. Do not put loaded units on gravel shoulders, as there is a good possibility it will sink to the axle or worse! It could sink until it rolls over.

    Stay Safe!!

  • Nutrition Month!!

    As many of you probably noticed there were fruit and veggie trays in the lunch rooms today at the Hagersville locations as it is Healthy Choices day. We would also like to let you know that March is Nutrition month! Take some time today to think about what you have been eating and if there are any changes you would like to improve your nutrition.

  • Happy Birthday Clive Sawh!!!!

    Happy Birthday Clive Sawh!!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

  • Pioneer Station closed in Hornby, ON

    We received a letter from Pioneer informing us that Location # 100 located in Hornby On Trafalgar Rd just South of the 401 will be closed for fuel from the morning of Saturday March 23rd to reopen in the afternoon on Sunday March. They are closed for the installation of new pumps.

    The closest Pioneer location is #286 located in Milton at 8473 Hwy# 25 North –just north of the 401. 


  • Welcome Yvonne Mallinson!!

    We are pleased to announce that Yvonne Mallinson will be joining Contrans Flatbed Group as our new Safety and Compliance Administrator. Yvonne will assume the position currently being performed by Wendy Richard and will report to Amy Barber, Risk Manager.  Please join us in welcoming Yvonne, as she will be starting on March 20th at the 3rd Line office.

  • Welcome Nick Friesen!!

    Nick completed orientation last week and will now be joining the Steel division as a highway driver. Welcome Nick, we look forward to getting to know you better!!