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  • Happy Birthday John Ball!!

    Happy Birthday John!! We hope you have a great day!!

  • And the winner of this year’s Charity donation is…

    Well the votes are in and we have a winner! McMaster Children's hospital was selected as the winner for this year’s charity donations. Therefore we will be splitting the money between McMaster Children's hospital and the Pediatrics department of the North Bay Regional Health Center. McMaster Children's Hospital serves both our Hagersville staff as well our Mississauga staff so 2/3 of the money will be going to them. The remainder will be presented to the North Bay Regional Health Center for their Women and Children Center.

    We have randomly draw names to determine who will be representing the company to deliver the cheques. To present the cheque to McMaster Children's Hospital we will be sending Paul Jakubicek, Nicole Vanderwal and Dirk Van Ooyen. To present the cheque to North Bay Regional Health Center we will be sending Colin Byham and Clive Sawh.

    We would like to thank everyone for their votes and participation in this process!! 

  • Seat Belts Save…

    Seat belts save……...Demerit Points

                             ………CSA Points

                             ……...CVOR Points


  • Apprenticeship Positions Available

    Contrans has an outstanding program for Apprentices that goes above and beyond what other companies offer. If you know anyone who is interested in becoming a licensed diesel mechanic or who has already started their training tell them about our program!

    When you join Contrans Flatbed Group’s Apprenticeship program we will:

    • Cover your tuition fees
    • Pay up to 75% of your wages while in school (if you work 1 shift per week)
    • Award a $500 bonus upon completion of your apprenticeship program
    • Pay above average wages
    • Provide a comprehensive benefits package
    • Create the opportunity for you to work alongside a variety of experienced and fully licensed mechanics

    We are also looking for fully licensed mechanics to join our team. If you know anyone who would like to work for our great company let us know!

  • Happy Birthday Larry Mercier!!

    Happy Birthday Larry Mercier (CFG)!! Hope you enjoy your special day!!

  • January Monthly Reports

    Check out the Employee Blog to see the January's Monthly Reports.

  • Want to Join Good Life Fitness?

    You can join Good Life Fitness at a Corporate Rate through the company. You need to fill out the required forms on the Employee Blog page and send them into Dave Zwambag by March 15th, 2013. 

    If you have any questions just let me know,

    Megan Lint

  • Announcement

    Brian Dunford will be leaving the Contrans Flatbed Group to pursue other  new opportunities potentially within the Contrans Group.  Brian has done an excellent job of growing and diversifying our multi axle division.  He brought his passion for trucking to our group and we wish him all the best of success in his new endeavours.

     Mike Apperloo will take on the position of Divisional Manager, Multi Axle.  Mike is currently the Divisional Manager with our tandem division.  He has previous multi axle experience and we look forward to him continuing to grow and diversify our multi axle division.  Brad Glassford will assume the responsibilities of the tandem division along with his current role of Director of Operations.

     We will be transitioning Mike over to his new role within the next 2 – 3 months.  We will follow up with a firm date in the future. 

     If you have any questions please come and see me.

     Brad Glassford

  • Congratulations to our Chili Cook-off Winners!!

    We would like to congratulate Jen Chatham and Andrew Sutor who received first prize and second prize respectively for their chili in the Chili cook-off today. 

    We would also like to thank all those who worked hard to prepare and bring in their chili, and those who participated in the judging. 

    Submissions 2 Submissions

  • Announcement for TSG

    We are starting to see a lot of successful activity in our Transportation Solutions Group.  This is a result of the entire TSG and sales groups efforts towards this new business unit.  Because we are starting to see some of those past efforts come to fruition we have a requirement to put a more concentrated focus/resources on the Raildeck/TOFC side of our business.  As of March 1st, the brokerage and logistics will now report into our sales group and will break off from reporting into the TSG side of our business.  Scott MacFarlane will play a lead role in this division reporting to Peter Maillet. Colin Byham will report to Scott Macfarlane.  All other aspects of the business remain the same and the focus is to continue to grow that side of our business.

     Eric Rose and Paul Jakubicek will continue to focus their efforts on the many opportunities we have on our Raildeck/TOFC business. 

     This is exciting news for us as this group has been very successful in building growth and momentum in this business and this organizational structure change will allow for even more focus on these growth opportunities.  Please join me in congratulating this group for their successes and efforts.

     Steven Brookshaw