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  • Beating the Winter Blues

    Up to 20% of Canadians suffer from a type of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or the winter blues. Read this article found in the Mental Health section of the Health and WEllness page to learn more about what this is and how to treat it.

  • Congratulations Wayne Jury!!!

    Wayne Jury will be coming off the road and joining us as part of our dispatch team in our Steel Division. He will assume the role of afternoon dispatch effective February 1st, 2013. As we continue to grow there is a need to support our drivers and dispatch by offering support after regular business hours.

    Wayne has lots of experience as a driver and we look forward to having this experience in the dispatch room. Wayne has been working toward this position for some time now and we are very excited to be able to offer him this opportunity. Please join me in welcoming Wayne to his new role. 

  • New Article on Research into Driver Health

    Check out the General Health section of the Health and Wellness page to see a new article on the findings of a research project into driver health. 

  • Thank you from Caledonia Food Bank

    Last year Contrans Flatbed Group voted and decided to donate to local food banks. Check out the Thank you letter we just received from the Caledonia Food Bank for our contribution.

    Thank you from Caledonia Food Bank


  • Best Wishes Carly Rowntree!!

    • Carly Rowntree has submitted her resignation and her last day of work will be February 8th, 2013. Carly has accepted at new job at Arcelor Mittal (Dofasco) as a Manufacturing Admin Assistant. We would like to wish her every success in her future endeavors and thank her for her past contributions as our Safety and Compliance Administrator. If you would like to wish Carly good luck and say good bye on her last day we will be having a lunch for her on Friday, February 8th at the 3rd Line Building.

  • Last day to send in your suggestions for the Charity Program

    If you haven't sent in your suggestion of where you would like to see Contrans Flatbed Group's charity donation go send it in today. Today is the last day we will be accepting suggestions.

    Then the voting will begin!!

  • Great Job Transportation Solutions Group!

    Our Transportation Solutions Group received an outstanding review after delivering a load from Gunnebo Montreal on Saturday. The customer said that they were impressed by how smooth the delivery went and by how professional and experienced the drivers were. We would like to congratulate the Transportation Solutions Group on their success and send a special thank you to Paul Jakubicek, Curtis Dodd, and Neil Adams, the drivers who delivered this load. 

    Great job everyone!!!!

  • Check out the new Truck and Load Pictures!

    Check out the Photos from the Road page to see the new pictures that have been added. There is a new picture from Keith Baxter at Tri-Line, a few new ones from Dan Stam and some from Heather Bantick. Obviously Heather was not out on the road herself but she took some time to head out in the Hagersville yard yesterday and take a few neat pictures of our trucks. 

    We would like to say thanks, not only those listed above, but to all drivers and staff who take the time to capture our trucks, loads and events as they happen so that they can be posted and enjoyed by others.


  • Working in the Cold Weather?

    Check out the General Health Section of the Health and Wellness page to see two new articles about working in the cold. They outline how to stay warm, what some of the dangers of working in the cold can be and how to treat symptoms if they arise. For many of our employees working in the cold is a necessity but we would like to keep you as safe and healthy as possible while you are doing so.

  • Happy Birthday Matt Twamley!!!

    Happy Birthday Matt Twamley (CFG)!!! Hope you have a great day!!!