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  • Safety Group Audit Success!

    A WSIB Safety Group Audit was completed today for Contrans Flatbed Group and we are proud to announce that we have scored 100%!  The audit consisted of a review of supporting documentation as well as a site audit and walk around.

     A big congrats to everyone in the organization for adhering to the safety guidelines that are set up through Amy and Randy.  

    Amy and Randy deserve a big thank you for following through on these programs by making sure we are doing what we say we are doing as well as creating a safer workplace for our employees.  It often goes unnoticed what these two do on a daily basis so they deserve a big pat on the back. 

    Congratulations and Great Work!

  • Transportation Solutions Group Announcement

    To: All Staff  

    From: Eric Rose  

    Date: July 27th, 2012 

    Re: New Hire – Transportation Solutions Group  

    I am happy to announce that Colin Byham has accepted the position of Brokerage and Rail Operations Coordinator working for the Transportation Solutions Group in North Bay. Colin will start at the division on July 30th, 2012 and will report directly to Eric Rose, Divisional Manager, Transportation Solutions Group.  

    Colin has had a long career in trucking in the capacity of driver and operations. He most recently held the position of Planner and Driver Manager with ProNorth Transportation in North Bay. Colin will be working closely with Scott MacFarlane on truck brokerage revenue as well as helping to establish processes and relationships with the railroads in regards to our raildeck operations.  

    Colin will be visiting the Southern Ontario operations in the near future to meet everyone and complete the New Employee Onboarding Program. Please join me in welcoming Colin to our organization.  

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


  • Healthy Choices Day

    This month's Healthy Choices Day in Ontario saw a variety of healthy snacks for all of our employees. Some of the yummy choices included bananas, granola, trailmix and oranges. To go along with these treats, I'd like to provide you with some tasty information on a couple of these items that you may find both interesting and helpful.

    10 Health Benefits of Bananas

    1. Bananas regulate the bowel system: Are you suffering from constipation? The best solution to constipation is eating a banana a day. This is one of the major health benefits of bananas. Bananas are rich in fiber that helps in regulating the bowel functions.

    2. Bananas reduce the risk of heart diseases and blood pressure: You might be surprised to hear this health benefit of bananas; yes, bananas reduce the risk of heart diseases as well as lowers blood pressure levels. How? Bananas are rich in potassium, which is very vital for the muscle contraction and proper functioning of the heart and nervous system. Do you know how much of potassium is required a day? It is just 4g and you get this by eating a banana. Isn’t this health benefit of banana amazing?

    3. Bananas reduce depression: Tryptophan acids are present in bananas and these help in reducing depression and thereby improve your mood. Studies show that bananas are also helpful in reducing stress levels. In this age of stress, this health benefit of banana is truly great.

    4. Eat bananas for healthy bones: What do you require for healthy bones? One requires calcium for healthy bones, am I right? Probiotic bacteria help in absorbing calcium and increasing the digestive ability. This helpful bacterium is present in bananas. Green bananas are especially helpful in absorbing calcium.

    5. Reduce menstrual pains with bananas: Do you get menstrual pains? Majority of the women folk take pills to reduce menstrual pains. Rather taking these pain killers eat a banana. Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 that helps in regulating blood glucose levels. This helps in balancing your overall mood and hence reduces menstrual pains. I found this health benefit of banana very useful. How about you?

    6. Bananas help ulcer patients: Another major health benefit of bananas is their capability of fighting intestinal disorders. Eating a raw banana reduces irritation in the stomach and reduces the effect of over acidity.

    7. Bananas and anemia: Bananas are not only rich in potassium but also rich in iron; therefore, eating a banana increases iron and thereby high hemoglobin. When hemoglobin content is increased, naturally anemic conditions decreases. Forgot those pills for anemia and take a banana. Wow…yet another amazing health benefit of banana.

    8. Quit smoking by eating bananas: Another amazing health benefit of banana is that it helps people who wish to quit smoking. Smokers have a high level of nicotine; minerals in banana like potassium and magnesium and vitamins B6 and B12 help in reducing nicotine. Smokers, take a note of this and quit smoking by taking bananas.

    9. Bananas increase brain power: A survey was conducted very recently among 200 students at a school in Middlesex. They were given bananas along with their normal diet for their breakfast, break and lunch. Research proved that potassium in bananas helped to increase their mental alertness and boost brain power. Remember this health benefit of banana and make your child eat a banana everyday to score high in studies.

    10. Reduce itching of mosquito bites with bananas: What do you normally do when there is an itching or swelling due to mosquito bites? We go in for creams that reduce itching and swelling. Rather using these creams, use banana peels. Rub the itching or swelling area with the inside of banana peels and see for yourself how soon you get relief from mosquito bite itching or swelling.

    10 Health Benefits of Oranges

    1. Relieves Constipation: The dietary fiber in orange helps in stimulating digestive juices and relieves constipation.

    2. Regulates High Blood Pressure: Hesperidin, a flavonoid in oranges helps to regulate high blood pressure. Magnesium in oranges helps to maintain the blood pressure. 

    3. Prevents Cancer: The high amount of vitamin C protects the cells from damages by free radicals. Liminoid, a compound in oranges helps to prevent cancers like oral, skin, lung, breast and colon.

    1. 4. Protects Against Heart Diseases: The high amount of vitamin C and flavonoids protects against heart diseases.
    2. 5. Fights Against Viral Infections: Studies show that the abundance of polyphenols protects against viral infections.
    3. 6. Purifies Blood: The iron and Vitamin B6 in oranges help in the production of hemoglobin and increase the oxygen carrying capacity. They also purify the blood.
    4. 7. Protects Against Skin Diseases: Beta-carotene, the powerful antioxidant protects the cells from being damage. It also protects the skin from free radicals and prevents the signs of aging.
    5. 8. Keeps Bones and Teeth Strong: The calcium in oranges helps to keep your bones and teeth strong.
    6. 9. Prevents Kidney Diseases: The regular intake of orange juice prevents kidney diseases. It also reduces the risk of forming calcium oxalate stones in the kidney. But take the juice in moderate amounts. Otherwise it can cause the decay of bones and teeth.
    7. 10. Helpful in Many Diseases: Oranges are effective in both preventing and treating certain diseases like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, rheumatism etc.
  • Fergus Truck Show

    This upcoming weekend, July 27-29, you can find us at the Fergus Truck Show. We will have a recruitment booth set up to chat with potential drivers and employees, and we will also have a couple trucks and trailers entered in the Show and Shine. We're very excited to show off the company and our equipment. If you're around the area, stop by!